What the composers say…

Frank Peterson

Composer, Arranger and Producer of the last 6 Albums by Sarah Brightman
“You’ve got a good score? Go to the City of Prague Philharmonic, they’ll bring the best out of it. They love to play good music all the time”

Tony Banks

Composer, musician, member of Genesis
“They did a fanstastic job for me. It’s just very enthusiastic and they seem to very into music.”
BBC Breakfast interview 4.5.2012

Carl Davis

conductor and composer
“The CPPO played my music for The World at War with special sympathy and beautiful tone … it might have been written for them.”

Søren Hyldgaard

composer and orchestrator
“Recording with the good folks at the now legendary ‘Smecky’ Studios has become a tradition. (…) It’s still like coming home when we go to Smecky. For most of what I have written, the rich, Bohemian tradition is just perfect. I often say that the strings sound of more, sound bigger and richer.” From interview ‘Søren Hyldgaard on eye of the eagle’ on www.runmovies.eu, December 2013.

David Michael Frank

“I have recorded over 160 hours with the CoPPO, so I have obviously been happy with my results to keep returning. Everything runs smoothly, and I have had no technical problems with recording to picture. I have become so comfortable that I forget that I’m talking to the musicans in a different language. I highly recommend the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.”

Mark Thomas

composer, conductor
“The Prague musicians are passionate virtuosi, who are dilligent, respectful and highly motivated. On my numerous scoring assignments in Prague I have never been disappointed by the brilliant musicianship, dramatic energy, flair, humour and heart that the orchestra gives in performance.”

Don Davis

film score composer, conductor and orchestrator
“The rendition of The Matrix is really excellent … this is high quality music recording”

Adam Saunders

“A wonderful orchestra, full of enthusiasm in their performance and with a big, rich symphonic sound. I was impressed with the speed of their sight-reading and the high level of musicianship that brought my scores to life.”

Steve Edwards

“In 4 days with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra we recorded 2 full CDs of music for my library – Source in Sync: Orchestral Film & Trailers – and finished on time and on schedule. I found the orchestra to be very musical, pliable, adaptable, efficient and co-operative. Interpreting the music was no problem and they all read music extremely well. Highly recommended.” In Pacific Pallisades Sept 2002

Mario Nascimbene

film score composer and conductor
“I just played the new recording of my score to The Vikings: Bravo! Bravissimo!”

Nic Raine

Music Director, conductor, composer and arranger
“Apart from their fine playing, the Prague musicians have a refreshing attitude to their work. They are always willing to give the best performance and cope with the unpredictability of film sessions with as much versatility as any other group.”

Julian Nott

“Nowhere beats the cost/quality ratio of Prague. A fantastic place to record if you haven’t got the budget of a major studio picture. I come back time and time again. That says it all.”

Basil Poledouris

film score composer
“Bravo on your fine recordings and performances on Space 3 (Beyond the Final Frontier). I thought the renditions were fresh and well realised…keep up the good work.”